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When Is The Perfect Time To Sell?

Christopher Clark

Chris Clark is ranked among the top 2% of East Bay Agents...

Chris Clark is ranked among the top 2% of East Bay Agents...

Jan 26 4 minutes read

When Is The Perfect Time To Sell?

When is the perfect time to sell your home? The short answer, when the demand is high. Ok, that was a little to short and a little too easy. I frequently get asked this question from sellers when they are trying to determine when to list their home.You’ve seen your neighbor get 20 offers for their home and sell 25% over their asking price. A record sell for your area! You’re wondering, when should I sell to achieve similar results?

The San Francisco real estate market has seen various spikes and dips over the course of the year.  Historically we have seen 4 unique markets – and just a warning they’re going to sound very familiar:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Spring market starts after SuperBowl Sunday and runs until mid-May.  It has been our strongest market where demand is high mostly due to pent up demand from slower Winter months.  Keep in mind it’s also the time when supply of available homes is also high.  High supply and high demand may make for a busy season but it can also impact the overall price you may receive because of competing homes.

Summer, which starts at or around the end of May and goes until Labor Day, activity levels typically take a bit of a dive while families are enjoying Summer breaks – kids are out of school, folks are enjoying much needed vacations. Here’s a tip though – buyers still want to buy your home during these months – hint hint.  It’s sunny and warm (in the East Bay that is…) and after buyers walk around local farmers markets and street festivals they like to shop for homes.

The fall market has been that last effort to sell your home before holiday shopping begins and tables get set for turkey dinners. Come Labor Day houses get prepped and staged and ready for market and this goes until early to mid November.  In 2017 we saw a flood of inventory hit the market.  Buyers had many choices.  Great time to sell?

Winter comes and while we don’t have snow and sleet to keep us indoors, the housing market hibernates and rests out the winter. These are the serious buyers – and sellers typically are selling for a reason. For a seller this is one of my favorite times of the year. There are not as many options but also not as much competition. Check out my article on 9 reasons to list your home over the holidays.

So back to my original question on when to list. The easy answer is always when the buyer interest levels are high. The not so easy answer is what is going on with local inventory levels and how do you stick out and attract the attention of potential buyers for your home.  If every other seller is adhering to this schedule above and buyers have dozens of choices, wouldn’t it make sense to work with your Realtor to find a time to maximize your exposure and make your home stand out and take notice? For my clients, every home and every situation is unique. I work with each of my clients and take these situations into account and help them to decide when best to list their home to reach the best possible outcome. It’s never too early to start planning! 

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