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What Homes Cost in Oakland, Piedmont, Alameda & Berkeley


Home Prices in the East Bay

Christopher Clark

Chris Clark is ranked among the top 2% of East Bay Agents...

Chris Clark is ranked among the top 2% of East Bay Agents...

Aug 31 2 minutes read

What Homes Cost in Oakland, Piedmont, Alameda & Berkeley

Comparative Home Values by Neighborhood & Bedroom Count

Median  Sales Price  is that price at which half the properties sold for more and half for less. It may be affected by seasonality, “unusual” events, or changes in inventory and buying trends, as well as by changes in fair market value. The median sales price for an area will often conceal an enormous variety of sales prices in the underlying individual sales.

Dollar per Square Foot is based upon the home’s interior living space and does not include garages, unfinished attics and basements, rooms built without permit, patios, decks or yards (though all those can add value to a home). These figures are usually derived from appraisals or tax records, but are sometimes unreliable (especially for older homes) or unreported altogether. The calculation can only be made on those home sales that reported square footage.

Many aspects of value cannot be adequately reflected in median and average statistics: curb appeal, age, condition, amenities, views, outdoor space, “bonus” rooms, additional parking, quality of location within the neighborhood, and so
forth. How these statistics apply to any particular home is unknown without a specific comparative market analysis.

Data from sources deemed reliable but may contain errors and subject to revision. All numbers are approximate. Alameda refers to the city of Alameda, not the county.

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